Staying Grounded While Being More Social

Underneath it all, I'm still lonely and miserable, but I'm doing my best to focus on the moment and be my best self in each situation I'm in. This means performing well at work, trying to eat well and exercise, keeping my head on straight as I flow through life. It isn't easy right now.... Continue Reading →


Depression’s Lies and Loveability (Travel Revelations)

It's so amazing and rare to find someone you enjoy traveling with. It's even more amazing to spend ten straight days together, then miss the person when you part. We met in college, in the fall of 1998. By the end of the semester, when he left to go home to Ireland for a month... Continue Reading →

The Galway Guys

We got in the car and he asked to put "real" conversation and catch-up on hold until we got to our destination. His driving and chatter were adorable. He was flustered by my presence, and somehow this knowledge calmed me. There was reassurance in recognizing I wasn't nervous alone.

PTSD and the Galway Guy

The date of my London and Ireland trip quickly approaches and with it, some nasty anxiety about seeing the Galway Guy. After 20 years of flirtatious banter, I am not wholly surprised that I am experiencing some nervousness about seeing him face to face. The tone of the nervousness is one that I recognize and... Continue Reading →

The Galway Guy

Twenty years ago, I had a brief summer fling with a Galway Guy. We've kept in touch, loosely, through the years. In a few short weeks, I'll see him.¬†For the first time in twenty years, we will meet. We were halfway there when the rain came down Of a day -I-ay-I-ay And she asked me... Continue Reading →

DSW customer service: A tirade.

I've never before now had any trouble returning items ordered online by shipping them back to the merchant. With this first attempt to return by mail to DSW they have, by far, provided the worst, most disorganized, most impersonal and unhelpful "customer service" I've ever experienced. I almost exclusively buy things online. I don't go... Continue Reading →

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